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Tap & Growler

Beers on Thursday 5th November

Tap & Growler Micropub - News Posted on 08 Nov, 2015 00:12:25

We have some good ales on this week. Grafton Apricot Jungle is my personal favourite but we also have Burton Bridge Damson Porter, Bradfield Farmers Blonde, Revolutions Gogo, Nottingham Bullion, Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby, Lincoln Green Little John, Charnwood American Pale Ale and Cotleigh Commando Hoofing. By end of play on Saturday most of it was on its way out so we have tapped a Blue Monkey Right Turn Clyde. A wide selection that people just love drinking.

Long walk to the Tap & Growler

Tap & Growler Micropub - News Posted on 02 Nov, 2015 11:44:08

We had a really good weekend this week. Lots of regular faces and a few new ones too.
Even had some walkers that walked all the way from South Wingfield (15 mile trip) to get some of the action. The Oakhams Bishops Farewell was a big hit along with Blue Monkey Chimp-Chim-Nee which also flew off the pump. Plenty more good ones coming this week.

Opening Night

Tap & Growler Micropub - News Posted on 09 Oct, 2015 18:34:54

We had our opening night on Saturday 26th September. It was a big success with a lot of support from the local community. The reception we received was just what we wanted. People were talking to other people they would never do normally. People even bumped into people that they haven’t seen for many years. The beer, wine and cider were flowing well. It was a very busy and tiring day but well worth it. Thanks to everyone who helped us along the journey to opening.